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GuidanceYou are here visiting this website for any number of reasons.  This may be because you are curious, you may be seeking assistance when other options are not providing the answers you need, it may be a last resort for you.  Whatever the reason, Open Healing is about using the ‘unseen’ as a healing method for our lives.  It is about implementing practices that have been in place for thousands of years to regain ourselves in this current world.

Are you facing challenges with:

  • Relationships?
  • Family?
  • Career?
  • Health?
  • Emotions?

Open Healing is here to help you to overcome these challenges in our lives, to live the life we are in search of.   Whether it is an Intuitive reading, a one on one energy healing session, or a conversation to uncover your true gifts, come to Open Healing…. it could change your life!

The world is changing around us faster everyday. While we cannot change everything in the world to make our problems disappear, we can look inside and change the way we view, operate and impact the world to find health and happiness.  Through Open Healing, we provide an alternative way of viewing the world and working through challenges.  We do this with non-judgement, confidentiality, openness and self belief.   We do this to provide a contrast to our existing views and beliefs in order to progress in our lives. The aim? To help you become the healthiest person possible.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

A dramatization of this concept is “the desk scene” from the movie “the Dead Poets Society” in which the Robin Williams character tells us: Reflections

“…we must constantly look at the world in a different way.  Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try.”   His character then goes on to explain that “you must not consider just what the author thinks, you must consider what you think. You must strive to find your own voice. The longer you wait to find it, the less likely you are likely to find it at all.  Don’t just walk off the edge like lemmings! You must strike out and find new ground.”


Using Intuitive connection to obtain guidance, support or connection. Learn More
Using natural energy systems of the body to help the body heal itself. Experience or learn Energetic Healing to improve and maintain energetic health.Learn More
Exploring ‘past lives’ through journeying and discussion to examine issues, any aspect of your life. Learn More
Open discussion on the ‘unknown’, guidance on your abilities, and assistance on your own path to discover your true abilities   Learn More


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What Client’s Say

Durrick Walker is a gifted Medium, Reiki Master, and QiGong Practitioner.  The first thing I noticed was his amazing diagnostic ability. Similar to Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer, Durrick can intuitively ‘see’ problems energetically.  I never mentioned any health issues and out of the blue, he inquired about two things that were causing me a lot of pain.  That’s why I first requested his services.   Sure enough, his healing techniques eliminated the pain.  Durrick is highly professional, caring and devoted to his clients.  He has a big heart and also volunteers his healing abilities to the community.  Wonderful work!
Elizabeth Rose, DiamondLantern.com
I had shingles in my right eye and had been suffering from chronic iritis since the episode. I was regularly seeing an eye specialist and was on steroid drops off and on. After a reiki treatment focusing directly on the issue with my eye, my symptoms were dramatically reduced and I have not used the steroid drops since.  Durrick is the definition of a holistic healer and my experience with him as a patient has touched significantly on my spiritual, mental,  physical and emotional levels. I always leave a reiki session with Durrick feeling energized, positive and with greater mental clarity.”
Leslie, Calgary
My spiritual journey over the past year has been defining for me, and my past life regression under Durrick’s guidance certainly contributed. I had some personal reservations before I agreed to do this session and Durrick patiently assisted me to make this decision by providing a clear direction. Durrick lead me through a very understandable and relaxed process in the session with positive and insightful results. Since the regression, the clarity of my decision making, my focus of attention and above all my calmness and compassion in my life are all noticeably more in tune.
Marty, Calgary