Changing Times! – The times we live in…..

Phew!  Who is feeling the pressure?  Do things seem to be speeding up?  How much spiritual shifting or releasing has to occur?  Is the universe really changing?  oh my goodness….what is going on?

We see the world in a constant state of environmental change.  Earthquakes around the globe, flooding around the globe, changing weather patterns.  Is all this by coincidence or is something else going on?

My view is that ‘something else’ is going on, and there are a number of reasons why I think this.  Lets see if I can summarize them as succinctly as possible so you do not […]

“Just Play The Game!”

I had a very interesting conversation recently with a good friend.  This same friend has overcome many obstacles to get to where they are in life. They are starting to embrace who they are and what they want to experience in their life without the fear of judgement from others. It has bought a sense of purpose, love and happiness to this friends life that is very inspiring to see.  While we were talking, my friend mentioned that in their former employment, they were often told to just ‘play the game’.  I have heard the term all too often, […]

Spirituality and the Movie Industry

I watch some movies with awe and amazement at the spiritual content within them.   These movies tend to be the ones that are deemed science fantasy, or fictional.  Movies such as Avatar (Fox), the Matrix (Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures), The Sixth Sense (Spyglass Entertainment). Anyone that watches them can take their own message from these movies.  But the movies also shape the perception of mainstream media and society about the world of spirit and the way in which we interact with spirit.

To take a step further, movies like Cloud Atlas (ARDDegeto Film and X Filme) and John Carter […]