Children, what they see….

There are many people who as adults, remember seeing, feeling, hearing, ‘things’ that were unexplainable when they were children.  These things may have been dark shadows, unexplainable ‘monsters’ or even imaginary friends.    But ‘seeing’ things and being unable to explain them seems to cause many fears in people.  Often, when a child states that they are ‘seeing things’, the parent becomes concerned, seeks advice or guidance from traditional medical practices.

There is nothing abnormal about someone or more importantly children, ‘seeing’ their grandparents in spirit that have passed over well before that child was born.  There is nothing abnormal […]

Heart vs Brain – which is correct?

Heart vs Brain?  Which is the best for determining our future. Which one do you use for your life and why?

Being a person who had been educated to use the brain, to think things through, to analyze all possible options, to prepare for every eventuality, I thought I had the world all figured out.  I could assess people in terms of productivity, effectiveness.  Yet, I could only examine a few options effectively. And the underlying assumption is that I in fact know how everything will play out. At all times, no matter how much examination and investigation that goes […]

Who’s ‘glasses’ are you wearing?

Where have you gotten your view of the world from?  How you choose to see the world, act within it, express who you are? I know that I got mine from my parents, my surroundings, my experiences, my genetic makeup, but most significantly I was educated to operate within the principles of business. My world was determined by the inputs I regularly experienced and learned from contact within the business world.  I formed jargon, language, experiences that reinforced my position within that world.  I behaved and judged the world around me through my own ‘glasses’ that I had formed […]