Phew!  Who is feeling the pressure?  Do things seem to be speeding up?  How much spiritual shifting or releasing has to occur?  Is the universe really changing?  oh my goodness….what is going on?

We see the world in a constant state of environmental change.  Earthquakes around the globe, flooding around the globe, changing weather patterns.  Is all this by coincidence or is something else going on?

My view is that ‘something else’ is going on, and there are a number of reasons why I think this.  Lets see if I can summarize them as succinctly as possible so you do not end up reading screeds of words just to come to a vague conclusion.

1. Changing climate and environmental concerns:

One in a hundred year storms appear to be happening more frequently.  Calgary for instance, has the worst flood in recorded history.  Calgary, who would have thought?  It is in the middle of a continent!

New Zealand, had a significant earthquake (22nd February 2011) in Christchurch just prior to the the Japanese Earthquake that rocked Japan and created huge tidal waves that destroyed much of Japan’s coastal communities close to the tidal waves.  In New Zealand, since 1843 with the first records of significant earthquakes we have had Wikipedia lists 20 notable earthquakes as being above 6 on the richter scale.  7 of these notable earthquakes have been since 2007, 5 have been since September 2010.  A quarter of them have happened in the last 3 years.  Not to mention, there has been volcanic alerts of both the major volcano’s in NZ this year.  To add to that, the massive flooding in China, India the USA.  Countered with the massive droughts in the US over the past few years.  Things are certainly in a state of flux.

2. Pressure on traditional government systems:

The 2008 Economic collapse and subsequent financial pressures around the world including general dissatisfaction from the bailouts and loss of hope in an economy.  European countries in the grasp of economic instability.  Greece in dire economic conditions.  Spain and Portugal seeking assistance from world banks.  When the money starts to become scarce, people will start to clammer for it.  Money will be harder to hold on to.  Tax systems are becoming more stringent, governments are cutting out the loop holes as they dig to find funds that allow them to maintain government systems.

Traditional government medical systems challenged by the needs of the populations.  Canada, routinely held up as having one of the best health care systems in the world is under considerable challenge to this status and the effectiveness of its health care system.  Countries in the developed world, throw more money each year to the health system, yet our health is getting worse. We live longer, but the rise of chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression is growing.  Do we just continue with the same health practices or do we make change?  Do we start to think outside of traditional beliefs?

3. Astronomical phenomena:

Comets in Russia being broadcast around the world from “Dashcam”, trying to find answers to what it was.  Many spiritualists who understand the Mayan Prohecies and Astronomy will understand the “procession of the equinox”, whereby the planet earth passes through the eqauatorial line of our galaxy.  Does this play an impact on our planetary systems. Supposedly not. But being a simple person, when our body’s are upward of 70% water, and the moon makes the planetary tides occur, what does the moon do to our body’s during the regular cycles.  For that matter, what does the Sun do to our body’s (Solar Revolution, Dieter Boers)  let alone the universe moving through the equatorial line of our universe. On planet earth, it is the warmest climates near the equator, what is in the equatorial line of the galaxy that we do not understand?

4. Societal shifts

The societal unrest in the middle east would have to be the greatest uprising of the people for many a years in a concentrated way.  Overthrowing well established governments and dictators.

The occupy protests where people are just tired of the same old systems and rules. Calling for a time of change.

The growing awareness of government practices through the release of sensitive government documents to the public through groups such as wikileaks.  Three notable situations are occuring right now, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning. All three people are very high profile events whereby secrets have been released to the public.  These documents that are being released are not being denied by governments, but they are hunting these people for breach of confidentiality agreements yet what is happening is the truth is becoming known to the masses.   When does the truth become the message instead of shooting the messenger?

Increased governmental controls and legislation to do with spying, and accessing records of internet transactions.  Reduction of personal freedoms all in the name of freedom and security.  Yet, the governments still continue to introduce legislative actions that allow greater control and access to private information of the people in that country.

Seeking greater answers, more knowledge.  This can be seen by the growing rate of alternative health practices.  An instance close to me is the growth of practices such as Yoga, Qigong, removing chemicals from our lifestyles, the growing need by consumers for organic foods.  There is money to be made here as Grocery stores and chains have growing lines of organic foods. People are wondering what is going on with our food, especially with the chemicals and pesticides use to grow these products and the growing presence of GMO crops.

5. Research: 

Heart Math Institute, is driving real research and real change. “The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds at home, school, work and play.” This is profound research and is revolutionizing the way we think about our bodies and the world that we live in.

Not to mention, the Obama Administration has given $100m to funding brain research because as an intelligent species, we don’t actually know that much about the brain.

We are seeking greater undersrtanding of who we are, because the ways we have developed are no longer serving us. There is a need for massive change. Not from the way the world is around us, but from the way we are inside.  If we change our internal world to be the change and world we wish to live in, the world will change around us, because we will act in a consistent manner with what we want in our world. We each have more strength than we realise. Through living our own dreams and desires, finding who we truly are, we can change the world to make it a better place. And all you need to do, is change your own life! Isn’t that amazing!

Metaphysical Summary of the events:

Kryon (aka. Lee Carroll) – a 36 year cycle with 18 years ahead of us as we crossed over the procession of the equinox.  As a result, we have moved into a new energy.  Instead of the energy being negative, it has shifted to be slightly more positive, the world will change as this positive energy begins to spread.  This will result in a change on the planet, a changing of the mentality of people as we move into a seeding process where we will develop new economic systems, not to force massive change, but to have a system in place when the traditional systems start to fail.

Our so called spiritual abilities, in fact are merely physics and science. A science not yet understood on the planet.   Bashar (aka Daryl Anka) states similar messages to Kryon, the world is changing for the better, but we have to know who we are, and move away from the ways things were done in the past, we must develop ourselves and follow our greatest excitement.

So when all these systems in the world are having difficulties coping, we as people are having difficulties coping, do we just continue to do things the way we ahve always done them.  Or do we use our intelligence to find a different more meaningful way.

In my view, we have advanced technologically and this will continue.  But we have not advanced socially or spiritually.  We still fight wars to obtain resources and convince others ‘our way is the right way.’  We spend more money each year on defence.   We are no longer countries, we are now a planet facing global issues. We need new answers and new systems.  Do we prop up systems that no longer serve us, or do we continue to bring about continual improvement through understanding our own desires and dreams, dropping the barriers and beliefs preventing us from achieving peace in our hearts and making the changes inwards out. The systems are a reflection of us as humans, for without us, we would not have systems.  That means that systems are a result of our beleifs as people.  So how about we start to look at the life each of us want internally, and then start to radiate that outwards into the world around us. This way there can be one world that meets the needs of all.  Not 7billion views of how the world should be and no coherence as inhabitants on this planet.

I am not calling for an end or dramatic change in the systems and the collapse of the world as we know it.  But as the world keeps going through these changes, what are you going to do?  Are you going to continue to fight and struggle to keep the old ways alive. Or are you going to step out and start to live your life the best way you can. Even if the world is going through catastrophic challenges, we can still be happy.  And how do we do that, maintain our happiness?  By discovering who you truly are, and what it is that provides you with happiness.

From my experience, when I ask people what is it that truly makes them happy, they cannot explain nor answer the question.  I listen to people like Anthony Robbins, Barbara De Angelis, Wayne Dyer, who realize that the happiness we know of, does not come from making a million dollars of from the world around us. It is from the emotions we experience everyday.  A million dollars can provide a great sense of relief and happiness for a short period.  But once we have that money, after a few months, the happiness will no longer be provided. The happiness we seek is a constant state of being, a being identified when you know who you really are and live your life to the utmost to achieve that happiness consistently. I am not talking about the world in which we do everything because we think it will bring us happiness. E.g. Getting drunk, sexual conquests, beating other people at some competition, proving yourself ‘better’ than others. But a world in which your emotions are in a state of constant happiness because you are living your dreams! We have to find ourselves, when we find ourselves, we bring harmony to our lives, when we bring harmony to our own lives, we bring harmony to the people around us. The Ripple Effect.

I am talking about the wonder and happiness that comes from knowing who you truly are. Our place on this planet is not just a random cause of a single celled organism mutating into the human race.  There is other more significant occurrences happening to allow us humans to exist today.  The ability for the human being that is fully aware of their potential to create the world in the way that they wish to have it. One that is filled with love and happiness over despair.  Realizing that we are all accountable for where our lives are right now.  We make the choices that will make us through our lives.  The greatest sadness is the person that does not realize they have a choice as to how their life is going to be.

Some people take offense to someone saying that their life is a result of their own decisions.  I was offended when I heard it for the first time.  How can I make decisions that have affected my life.  I come from a family that is not wealthy.  That the sadness I had experienced in my life was my own fault and I could have changed it.  How can that be?  It took me some time to mull that statement over in my mind.  How could I be responsible for my own life and the unhappiness I was encountering.  The head injuries I suffered, they were not my fault, but they were my choice.  My choice because I could choose to let them stop me from living my life, I could sit back and spend my time focusing on how life is unfair, how my career has been cut short.  Or I can choose to look at them for what they are.

So, what choice am I making. I choose to have a life in which I contribute to the world and seek the answers to the big questions in my life. Why am I here? What is the purpose of the human race?  How can I make my life the greatest possible?   I choose to ask questions that will inspire me. Not ask questions that will drown myself in sorrow and pity.  Am I human?  Yes, I have days where I ask why, but on the scale of percentage, the number of days I ask why me would weigh less than 5%.  95% of my days are looking at how I can make my life better as well as the lives of people around me.  What skills can I learn, what new things can I do, what courses can I attend?

If you struggle with this concept of being responsible for your own life, for making the choices in your own life, I highly recommend picking up a course like Anthony Robbins Personal Power II course.   I know when I was at my lowest point, seeking answers for why my life wasn’t working I turned to Anthony Robbins.  This was the start of when I truly started to realize how my perceptions and unfounded believes truly started to become apparent to me.  I credit Anthony Robbins Program for helping me to turn my life around.

I will explain this briefly.  I was sitting at home one day, sick of work and in physical sickness as a result.  Contemplating my life, a struggling career, health issues, lacking relationships.  I was watching an infomercial with Anthony Robbins full of energy, full of life, telling me how I could transform my life in 30 days. My first thought… “Rubbish! This guy is full of it.” “Just another cheap product trying to be hussled on television.”  But as the infomercial continued, I looked at the people, I listened to Anthony Robbins and his desire to help.  I thought, for $250 (at the time) what did I have to lose. That was a lot of money, but if that is the worst mistake I make in my life to lose $250 then how can I go wrong. I needed answers to my life and had know where else to turn, I had no answers and no options.  Of course, this was all mental and a mental state of affairs of being a victim and not realizing I was in charge of my own life. So I got his program, I went through it for 30 days.  I then started to go through several more of Anthony Robbins program. Why?  Because it was giving me clarity, a way to comprehend my life, to bring it into focus so that I could start to make the changes in my life.  That was in 2005 I made the decision to invest in myself.  Spend a measly $250 on myself in the hope it will change my life.

Was this process easy?  No it was not. It took me at least two years of working, changing, looking at my self limiting beliefs, accepting that I was the one who was making my life “painful”.  I am still looking at my beliefs, I know longer take criticism the same way, it is an opportunity to evaluate and if appropriate to improve.  After a set back with my health and numerous head injuries, I am looking at how I can operate my life to still have the success I desire and to be happy everyday.  But, you know what?  I had to do the work. It was not given to me.  Anthony Robbins gives you the outline, but if you don’t think you are worth it, if you have a low value of your own worth, then you won’t do something to change your life. This means you are happy to be were you are. You are more happy to be in misery and victimhood than you are to take control of your life, live it in the best way you can. And if you make a mistake and things don’t quite work out, then try again?  Because you will be learning, seeing the world in a new way, excited by the challenges.  But we have to make the choice to stop being a victim, and make changes to our lives. This changes the world!

Some of the things I learnt by purchasing this Anthony Robbins Personal Power II series.  (I am not remunerated by Anthony Robbins etc in any way. I am recommending a tool that can help to change your life for the better)

1. Not everything you see on TV is false.
2. I could not see the joy in myself, so how can I see the joy in the world around me. I didn’t know what it looked like. So when Anthony Robbins is being so passionate and full of life.  I hated it.  It seemed superficial.  But it wasn’t and isn’t.
3. Now that I understand my beliefs better, I understand the passion that Anthony Robbins has, therefore I see him as helping to make the world a better place. We need more people like that.
4. I learned to make my own decisions and determine the course and fate of my own life.
5. Most importantly, I realized and learned that I choose how I react to a situation.  When someone says something offensive to me, it is as simple as looking at that persons statement, and in my own mind, choosing what that means to me.  My ingrained mental conditioning and beliefs, made me react in an unconscious manner, where I reacted.  Now I choose to respond to what is happening after I have determined what something means to me.  A man who is called a wimp or loser by another man, can only be hurt by that if he believes it to have a sense of truth.  If the man chooses to have different thoughts, the aggressor looses his strength.   Offensive statements are often a reflection of how that person is inside.  I could only start to see that when I started to see what I had inside.

So, in conclusion, if the world around you is treating you unfairly and things are getting burdensome and it is all unfair.  You need to look inside, to see how ‘your world’ is and how you choose to move through these times.  I urge you to change your perspective on the world.  Examine your beliefs and make the changes in your mind and body to make the world a better place.  You can choose to lose yourself in your own emotion, or you can become an observer to your emotions and make choices of how you choose to feel each and every day.  Victor Frankl in his life journey as a survivor of the WWII concentrations camps, survived by focusing on what he could learn from the miseries he suffered.   He chose how to respond to life’s situations, not to react to life’s situations.

I do recommend picking up Anthony Robbins Personal Power II, or something similar, to help you work through the limiting beliefs that we hold onto so dearly without recognizing the influence they are having on our lives.   It may seem like a lot of money, but how much is your happiness worth?

To understand more of the spiritual work, the greatness of who the human spirit really is, I would dearly love to help you uncover your true potential.  Open Healing is about finding our true inner voice, exploring things we cannot explain to find who we are and to remove the beliefs that constrict us in our lives. Reiki can help to release the past hurts.  Past Life can help us to understand our beliefs and connections to certain behaviors.  Mediumship and Psychic assistance can help you to see the world in a new way, to become familiar with the unseen knowledge that we all possess.  This is the true source of wisdom, Your inner self.  I look forward to talking with you!

…and to finish with a quote from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy .
“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo
“So do I,” said Gandalf “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring