I had a very interesting conversation recently with a good friend.  This same friend has overcome many obstacles to get to where they are in life. They are starting to embrace who they are and what they want to experience in their life without the fear of judgement from others. It has bought a sense of purpose, love and happiness to this friends life that is very inspiring to see.  While we were talking, my friend mentioned that in their former employment, they were often told to just ‘play the game’.  I have heard the term all too often, it is all just a game! “just play the game”.  From my experience it is everywhere.  We play the game to get the same level of success as the people above us, to get the recognition, the prestige and the influence and power we seek.

The interesting thing about ‘playing the game’ is that the goals we seek to fulfill are already available to us.  The recognition, the respect, the power, the satisfaction of achievement, the income that gives us toys to make us happy, are all feelings that make us feel better about ourselves.  We feel like we have achieved, which makes me feel important, does it bring happiness. I have seen many divorced successful business people.  The only aspect that is not met is the financial dollars in pocket.  We do not already have that. And the only reason we do not have that is because we make assumptions in our lives. Assumptions like.
1. Money is important and is the only way to get ahead. (my happiness is material acquisitions & the power money brings?)
2. Money brings me happiness (I dress in fashionable clothes, this makes me better than others, therefore I am happy?)
3. The world is how it is, we can’t change it. (we are all powerless, as citizens we do not have the right to live in a world that serves our needs?)
4. Money is evil! (is it? with money, I can fly to hawaii and sit in the sun, visit families and friends, go to a performance. Is it not just a medium of exchange? Don’t we decide if it is evil or good?)

Our world is just a collection of Beliefs

All of these beliefs are just beliefs. In order for us to have the society we have, we as people have to believe that this is the only way and that there is no other way!  This is the key point, when we ‘play the game’, we as individuals are believing that the only way forward as a society is the way it has always been.  We give tacit approval for the game makers to keep making the rules, we then give our own desires away at the same time, as we give away our own views of what we like in the world to be able to move up the ranks like the people above us.

I have been on both sides of the fence with this statement. I have told people to play the game, as well as been told to play the game!  I did not feel good telling the person to play the game, but there were a couple of benefits from me doing this.
1. It stopped the incescent questions that I did not have answers for,
2. I was able to influence the persons behaviour and they started to ask questions that I could answer,
3. This being able to answer questions because I had the answers made me feel better because I new the answer,
4. it reinforced my view of the world that I know what the important questions are
5. We got the task completed much faster because time was not wasted contemplating questions I did not know the answers to,
6. my workload decreased significantly because I did not have to find answers to things that I could just ignore, even if I felt they may have actually had an influence on what we were doing. If I ignore it, how can it be a problem.

I could just be an irresponsible person, but I guarantee this is more common than we would like to admit.  Hence, we go to universities to learn the rules so that we have all the answers.  I just hope that the universities, or the schools for that matter, teach all that we need to know in order to develop our society into which everyone is happy and all aspects of humanity are appreciated.


When I was on the receiving end of the comment to ‘just play the game’ I felt several things.
1. I felt like we were being irressponsible because we ignored the stuff we could not answer (sounds a little like science).
2. I had uncomfortable feelings and questions. I could not believe we had to play the game, who sets the rules, when does someone tell you what they are? Is everything just a game, I thought life was precious?
3. My credibility for the person who told me this went down.   I thought that the leaders, i.e. people above us, would be asking these same questions to get the answer to make things better and improve the world.
4. I was disappointed in that the person telling me this was only focused on doing what they could to get that paycheck, don’t rock the boat, it just makes things difficult.
5. When does the time get taken to answer these questions that do not get answered? Is it up to our learning and research institutions, the same institutions that are funded through financial contributions, public and private?

I must admit, this was when I started to realise that the world is imperfect, and not everyone has the greater good as their primary focus. This was a lesson in itself for me.

So why play this game?

It has only taken me about 15 years to learn that these questions never really are answered.  It has also taken me a long time to realise that the people who want us to play the game, want us to play the game to make their lives easier so that they can get their ‘reward’ with as little as fuss as possible.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with earning an income as easy as possible, it is when we sacrifice the needs of the individuals within the system for the sake of playing the game, the system is no longer serving the participants.  It starts to be focused solely on the needs of the people above us, in the positions of authority.  They want to be able to make decisions and predict the future, to help maintain consistency and predictability in government and the stock markets. They want to know the future before it happens. If we all know the rules that they know, then when they make a decision they can accurately predict what is going to happen. This makes them appear very knowledgeable, successful and helps to retain their position and supposedly a better world.

So if we choose not to play ‘the game’ that people want us to play what happens? Unpredictability and uncertainty, chaos creeps in. We all know that chaos is a bad thing! Is it? Some chaos is good. It is when we have too much chaos it becomes unbalanced. It is quite interesting how much as humans we do not like uncertainty and unpredictability, so we try to control it by developing rules and games in order to provide more certainty. No matter how far it takes us away from enjoying our lives, we keep making rules to provide certainty.   As Tony Robbins puts it, we need certainty and uncertainty in our lives to make things interesting.

So, maybe it is a matter of changing our beliefs.  That uncertainty is a good thing, or better yet, uncertainty is just uncertainty and it is neither good nor bad.  Our whole social system, economy, education, health systems are all based on a set of beliefs that we as a society has put in place and agreed to. So, if we are looking at people to blame for the problems at the world, make sure your first finger is pointing at someone else, because the other three fingers will be pointing directly back at you!

If we change our beliefs, we could change our world to make it a better place that is happier for everyone and meets everyones needs, not just the people who have learnt the ‘rules of the game’ and then start making rules for everyone else to follow.  At the moment, we believe that in order to live the life we want, we need lots of money a high paying job or you need to be successful, and not everyone can be successful because you need luck, money, all other sorts of things.  Some pretty crazy rules we have. Why cannot everyone be successful? But in order for everyone to be successful, would we need a new definition of success, and a new way of us to operate for that to occur. But this means we are not ‘just playing the game’.  We are taking the game and making it suit our needs.

Is that not our right as humans to have a ‘game’ that makes everyone happy?  It will create uncertainty and change, but if we all believe in ourselves, our connection with spirit/source/god, then we have the right to change the rules.  Is it right in a society in which all of us are apparently equal to live the lives we wish, but in todays terms, you can do that as long as it follows the rules of society!  I am not being a socialist, nor an anarchist. I am merely stating that everyone has the right to be happy and live their life. Not just the few that have a great income, job and all the toys they could want.  We all have the right to live our lives in happiness and live the life we choose.  So why do we have racism, poverty, obesity, violence? These are all aspects of our current game. So my question is, is the game we are playing, the best game we could be playing? If it is not, what rules and beliefs do we need to change in order to achieve a more holistic and developed society.

After all, it is a right as humans on this planet to have a roof over your head, clean water, healthy food, yet our world makes it difficult for this to be achieved for everyone.  I could just say that these people that cannot get these things should just get a job, but there is the rub! We have made default assumptions that we must ‘work’ in paid employment to get any of the things that we want in our life.  That is just a belief.

Our modern economy is just a system, conceived of and developed in the minds of people.  How about we create a new system, it is not impossible, but it requires everyones input to making your own life better, by understanding what is important and true to you?

Making the world a better place does not mean everyone having and Iphone, all the sugar you can eat, a ferrari for everyone, nor the biggest house I can get.  The system must be built upon the outcomes of what we want in our lifes and therefore society. It must contain acceptance, non-judgement, and most of all, people who are aware of who they are and what they want.  I have worked in corporate environments, where people say one thing, but mean another. I have met many accountants who work crazy long hours, weekends, late nights because they need the money, yet they hate their job and find it soul destroying.

In order to change our beliefs, we must examine our current lives.  Do we want happiness, what is happiness? Do we want healthy food, what is healthy food?  Do we want everyone to be utilizing their skills and contributing to their own lifes and therefore society in a way that brings joy and happiness into their lives, what does all that mean? Is the profit driven market, the best way for achieving these outcomes we desire, determining what is healthiest for us? If it was, we would not have aspartame, DDT, asbestos?    These are the questions that do not get answered because we are ‘just playing the game’. These are the types of questions that when raised and answered can truly lead to a world in which everyone is happy!

What is the problem with playing the game? 

Ignores the uniqueness of each individual and established a system based on one groups view of the rules that does not acknowledge everyones skills.  This system cannot continue by its own rules.  The rules result in control over others and now, we face economic, environmental challenges that are occurring now.  We as a smart intelligent society cannot keep playing the game as we have built solutions that fix problems only to have a new set of problems on which we build new solutions, which arise a new set of problems to which we build a new set of solutions.  If I can use a crude example, it is like having a pipe with waste water running through it. We get a hole in it, so we put a patch over it, then another hole arises, so we put a patch over it, until we have a pipe full of holes and a prayer that hopefully the patches hold, but at some point, things are going to start seeping until we have a massive ‘release’!

So what are the problems our game is facing?

Economically – a recession that has two sets of rules, one for the ‘biggest players’ one for the ‘rest’.  Massive bailouts in the USA.  Yet if you or I try to go bankrupt and ask the government for money, we may get assistance, but certainly not a bailout with the plan to get you all sorted until you are back on your feet.  Have we fixed the problems, or just delayed the inevitable?

Look at General Motors, government intervention, a push towards green technology brought in by the Whitehouse as part of the conditions of bailout. Before that, a North American car focused on Green technology, unheard of, because the market will not purchase it.  As a result of Government Intervention there has been a move towards greener technology within the car industry. What would have happened if the economy really collapse, what new technologies could be implemented within our society and economies?

Environmentally – we consume more and more resources.  We consume more resources in order to create green technologies. When does it end.  When do we truly live in harmony with our planet?  But, we are told to just play the game, change cannot happen quickly and the people who are controlling the game are the ones who benefit from all this consumption.  As consumers, we get some benefit from consumption, but if we had a limited supply of resources on our own private small block of land that needed to sustain everything we did, would we not find ways to control the consumption of these resources so we did not run out?   If we found out that tomorrow our oxygen supply would end unless we make changes, we would certainly do whatever we could to fix this problem quickly.  But, in our current environment, we will keep cutting trees down until it becomes a real problem. And why would we change, I can still make a buck until we are told to stop.

Socially – socially more an more social unrest is occurring.  People slain to death in the streets with machetes in retaliation to what a government has done in a foreign country.  Would people be killing each other if we weren’t as countries, in other peoples ‘homes or countries’ telling them what is wrong and what is right and that they must live like we do?  It is not a religious battle, it is a profit battle.  Increasing levels of poverty, more and more challenges for the middle class, longer hours at work, more complicated social structures, these are problems of the game we are playing!  I listened to a program on a CBC Radio 1regarding the ability for people to access government support and services.  The sample group of people who had university education as part of their law degrees, were asked to access government services.  From the results of the experiment, many of these highly educated students were unable to get through the system let alone find information to help them with their need.  Who are we building this world for when it is so difficult to access services that our government is supposedly set up to help us in our lives.

What is the solution? What do we do next? 

We start to look at the world we live in.  When it becomes difficult for well educated people to access services and understand the systems in which our society operates, then as a society we have tailored everything we do for a certain group of people.  We therefore have missed an extensive amount of the population in terms of serving their needs.

On action, is to start looking at what you want in your life, e.g. a government that serves its people, not just the corporations, an environment which is healthy and open to all to love and enjoy, and an economy that serves all individuals, not just the ones that know the rules and play the game the way they want and then force us to play the same game.

But the most important aspect of changing the world around you, is to change the world within you.  Identify the beliefs that you have carried through genetically, environmentally, socially.  Learn what is your beliefs versus those beliefs of someone else.  Find the truths inside of you, uncover how you have denied your own feelings for the sake of playing the game, pleasing other people, not wanting to appear weird.  What have you stopped yourself from doing, that you really wanted to, because it is not deemed to be ‘productive’, or other people don’t want you to because it reflects ‘badly’ on them! This is the most important journey to change the world, is to change the world inside of you.  This is where Open Healing can help you!

Open Healing examines underlying hurts, abuses, beliefs, that are holding you back from being you!  Often we are not aware of the beliefs that are holding us back, Open Healing can provide a method for unravelling these beliefs to find the true you.  When someone tells you to ‘just play the game’, what are the beliefs you are supressing in order to make that person happy?

Success is not doing what others want, it is doing what truly makes you happy by living your life to the fullest you can! What is holding you back?