Open Healing’s Areas of Expertise & Services

Open Healing is about using alternative approaches to assist you on your journey to health and joy in your life.  We often spend our time chasing lives with growing demands on time, work, relationships and health. Questions arise in your life, what do I need to change? What is missing from my life? What is happening? Why is nothing working? What have I lost?  The short answer is YOU!

We create a life that is about fulfilling all the ‘to do’ lists of our life. The growing stress and strains on our lives come from demands upon ourselves, from others, from society.  We continue on this path of increasing demands until the point were nothing is working anymore, relationships are grating, health is suffering, our emotions are either on or off, or all over the place, work just isn’t working!

If the above sounds like you, or even only parts sound like you, then lets explore a different method and help to find your answers.   Open Healing can provide unique perspectives, guidance and information to help you overcome some of these challenges, to provide context, to help ‘heal’ you and your life.  The ultimate goal of Open Healing is to help you find your authentic self and the life you have always dreamed of and wanted.

If you are in this position where you want change but you are unsure of where to go or what to do, come to Open Healing!  We will apply alternative practices of Intuition and energy healing to help you on your journey to make your life better.

Using Intuitive connection to obtain guidance, support or connection.Learn More
Receive or learn energy healing techniques to assist you in healing and health.Learn More
Explore Past Lives to understand your current life and release emotional burdens.Learn More
Meet one on one or at group events to explore your spiritual aspects and your authentic self.Learn More


Open Healing’s Other Services

Open Healing applies spiritual knowledge to assist you on your journey.  Services can be either one on one, or as part of a larger group.  If the services listed on this page do not cover what you are seeking, please contact me to discuss your specific needs.  Other services include:

Open Healing has group nights in which you can come along to an event and experience various ‘alternative’ activities in the company of others.  These events can include:

  • Healing Shares, working as groups on giving and receiving energy healing.
  • Exploring a variety of ‘alternative’ topics such as Connecting, Angels, History, through group practice and development nights.
Informal gatherings affording the opportunity to meet like minded people seeking to develop their own lives and to expand your own network of friends and knowledge. These are informal events organised on an ad hoc basis to meet other people.  If you are new to spirituality or energy work, it will help to learn that you are not the only one experiencing what you are experiencing. Gatherings can be:

  • informal meal nights
  • movie nights
  • walks
  • get togethers
  • anything else that is raised!!
  • Visit our events page for more information.


Why Choose Open Healing

  • You want to ‘heal’ and are ready for a new experience.
  • You have had bad experiences within the ‘spiritual’ field yet are still drawn to it.
  • You want to connect with loved one’s who have passed over.
  • You want to experience energy healing to see if it will help with your ailments, illnesses or stress disorders.
  • You are seeking guidance and just want someone to be able to talk to openly and in confidence.
  • Because nothing else seems to be working.
  • You aren’t sure, but you feel like you need to do this.


I am located at the Wild Herbs Natural Therapies Centre, 775 Cameron Road, Tauranga, New Zealand.

I will be offering an online service through Skype, if you are interested in a Skype Session then please let me know.

What Clients Say

“I highly recommend Durrick as a Healer.  His approach is unique and empowering.  I attended a past life regression and the insight gained and the healing I received helped me in all areas of my life.  Durrick is very intuitive and has a deep understanding of energy healing and his passion for his work radiates through in all that he does.  I would not hesitate to recommend Durrick to anyone for any and all of his services.  Thanks so much Durrick, you are a true blessing to us all!”
Linda, Calgary
I had shingles in my right eye and had been suffering from chronic iritis since the episode. I was regularly seeing an eye specialist and was on steroid drops off and on. After a reiki treatment focusing directly on the issue with my eye, my symptoms were dramatically reduced and I have not used the steroid drops since.  Durrick is the definition of a holistic healer and my experience with him as a patient has touched significantly on my spiritual, mental,  physical and emotional levels. I always leave a reiki session with Durrick feeling energized, positive and with greater mental clarity.”
Leslie, Calgary
My spiritual journey over the past year has been defining for me, and my past life regression under Durrick’s guidance certainly contributed. I had some personal reservations before I agreed to do this session and Durrick patiently assisted me to make this decision by providing a clear direction. Durrick lead me through a very understandable and relaxed process in the session with positive and insightful results. Since the regression, the clarity of my decision making, my focus of attention and above all my calmness and compassion in my life are all noticeably more in tune.
Marty, Calgary