There are many people who as adults, remember seeing, feeling, hearing, ‘things’ that were unexplainable when they were children.  These things may have been dark shadows, unexplainable ‘monsters’, imaginary friends, or just knew things that others did not.    But ‘seeing’ things and being unable to explain them seems to cause many fears in people.  It is becoming more common, or at least expressed more often that people have children that are psychic, intuitive, seeing things.  Children are wonderful beings and could teach us as humans much about how to live in this world.

Children are naturally born with gifts to connect with spirit and the unseen.  As we grow we remove ourselves from spirit more and more as we believe we understand how the world works, based upon our education, beliefs, environment and society.

There is nothing abnormal about someone or more importantly children, ‘seeing’ their grandparents in spirit that have passed over well before that child was born.  There is nothing abnormal about a child being incredibly psychic.  However, often the treatment a child receives is driven from fear rather than love.  The child is told many things “…don’t be silly, you are imagining things!”, “Do not talk about this ever!” 

An important concept for your own awareness, is that the abilities of children to communicate with spirit is far more common and greater than we realize. It is becoming more common to hear of children with these abilities, what is happening is that society and humanity is moving to a greater level of spiritual awareness. It is a natural cycle that is occurring, whether you be a skeptic or a believer, because we are all spiritual beings, the changes will be occurring.  The increased awareness of spirit by children is a development that will require society to move in a more accepting direction of the uniqueness of every individual.  It will also require change institutions as traditional approaches will no longer be able to explain nor provide avenues to address these rising changes.  It is a wonderful period of time to have a child that is gifted with the ability to connect to spirit. It is something to be celebrated!


Why do children see this “stuff”?

Children do not have the beliefs, views, opinions, education, that adults do, they also are open and accepting to the world around them.  When spirits show up to Children, it is because the spirit knows the children can see them.  The fear comes in when what is happening is not understood by the child because it frightens them, because they cannot see it clearly, or from the reaction of the parents/caregivers who have preconceived ideas about what is occurring.

Often, spirit is looking to make contact, the dark shadows are because the child, or adult for that matter, are not looking at enough detail to understand  or see the spirit in front of them.  It is like looking at a parade of soldiers in their dress uniforms.  They all look the same, march the same. But, when we look closer, we can see the skin tone, the size of their hands, the color of their hair, the specific height, the size of their feet.  All this information can be gleaned, just by looking a little closer.  Often, with a child, it is merely a matter of helping them to understand what they are seeing and feeling.  As humans, we are conditioned to use our eyes, yet, often our feelings are ignored.  For instance, when we are in a crowd, there may be a person that makes us feel uncomfortable, or unsettled.  We do not know why, but this person makes us uncomfortable, yet the rest of the crowd, we feel safe and content with.  It is the same with spirit, we must use all our senses to feel what the spirit is like. Do they feel threatening, do they feel unsafe, do they feel loving and safe?  These are the questions we can help the child to ask to enable them to be harmonious with spirit and themselves.

Where can you go to meet other children with these abilities?

Open Healing will be organizing events in which children will be able to meet and have activities with other children who have abilities that are similar to your own child.  These events will be posted on the Open Healing Meetup group. 

The Calgary First Spiritualist Church also offers workshops once or twice a year in which children are given the opportunity to understand and develop their abilities.   The church also has mediumship demonstration every Wednesday night which can provide first hand experience on people connecting with spirit.

What does a session look like?

One on One Session

The session is carried out with you the parent/caregiver and child, seated and comfortable.  It will be a discussion to understand what the child is experiencing, then developing mechanisms to help the child deal with the experiences they are encountering.  At all times, the intention of the session is ease, comfort and removal of fear of the unknown.  Sessions can be either at your home, or another location as agreed by all parties.  An advantage of coming to your home is that we are able to examine the ‘spiritual activity’ that is occurring in the home together.

A note, there is nothing to fear in relation to spirit in your home, it is as natural as grass on the lawn and soil in the ground.

Sessions normally take an hour.  But each session is unique and is based on what the specific situation calls for.

Rate:  $120 per session.

Online Support Group

Regular support groups will be held online.  Using Skype, we will be able to bring together parents for support and who want to talk about topics and challenges they may be facing in regards to having children with spiritual gifts.  It will be an open forum online in which you can raise and discuss any topic in relation to the needs of your child and to offer support and advice to other parents/caregivers going through the same challenges as yourself.

Rate:  Rates and times will be posted on the Open Healing Meetup Group.  A fee will be posted upon the meetup details.

Requirements: You will require a computer, internet connection and Skype to participate within this group. A profile on will also be required to see the details of the events.