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We are continually faced with decisions in our lives, yet often we are unsure of the ‘correct’ answer. Guidance and Support can be used to overcome these challenging times.  We are encountered with times when our direction seems unclear, our path is hidden.  It is through guidance and support that you can find an avenue to help you on your journey from people that have been on the journey ahead of you or with people who are on the journey at the same junction as yourself.  Sometimes our intuition can contradict our logical rational mind when making decisions about the path we are choosing.  Commonly the intuitive answer for the decision is the best but most difficult to defend.  Yet often when we follow that intuitive direction the outcome is far greater than we could have imagined and brings about many more ‘coincidences’ or ‘synchronicity’ into our lives.  This is where guidance can help you to overcome fears and step forward.

Often all we need is an ‘ear’ to listen to our situation and provide a different perspective.  Especially if you choose to make a journey into the spiritual realm which can often create many challenges in our lives as people confront us insisting that this is the wrong path, that they have the answer for you.  With appropriate guidance and support you are able to help yourself do what you need to and follow the path you have chosen.  So when you are challenged, you have  the guidance and support to help you follow through.

Do any of the following questions and statements sound familiar?

  • I cant talk to anyone about this! 
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Am I the only one like this and experiencing this?
  • Am I going Crazy? I am seeing things that I can’t explain! 
  • The people around me don’t understand!

If these questions are in your life you need to find the appropriate guidance and support network for your needs.  Fortunately, recognizing these questions can help you seek guidance from people who have experienced what you are going through.  Seeking guidance can speed up the process of change and reduce the impact of challenges on your life.  Seeking guidance from people who are on a ‘similar wavelength’ can help you to believe in yourself as you gain greater confidence in your decision making by discussing with people who have made the same decisions.  Open Healing provides a non-judgemental confidential avenue to seek guidance.  As you progress the questions change and your focus changes.  Lets explore!


Events that are held will help you to encounter people who are on a similar journey facing similar challenges. Often through these ‘chance’ meetings with new people we open up a whole new world of exploration, knowing and acceptance of oneself.   The coincidences can be so astonishing that it seems like there is something else at play as we progress on our journey.  This is where the wonder and amazement that we have lost in our lives comes to the fore and we experience the world in a new and exciting way with a greater understanding of why we have the lives we do and the challenges we encounter. Our life starts to become like water flowing from the mountains to the ocean along the past of least resistance. It starts to flow. You will see events posted as and when they occur.

“Dire Straits”

When things turn upside down and you are facing significant problems, reach out.  This happens when you just don’t know what to do or who to reach out to, you are struggling and nothing is clear. Follow your instincts and reach out to the appropriate person that you trust, whoever that may be.   Just reach out! If you choose to reach out to me, some type of value exchange will be arranged and the challenge or situation is worked through. It does not necessarily have to be money.  The key action when it is that bad, reach out!

What does a Guidance session look like?

The session is more like a conversation.  Seated comfortably we discuss your challenges and situations and I provide feedback using my psychic and mediumistic abilities.   The session will be open for you to express what you need to express and seek clarification, or confirmation of situations, events, emotions you are experiencing.   It is more commonly known as a psychic or spiritual evaluation yet this session encompasses more than the traditional aspects of spiritual evaluations. It can be a rewarding session that has you feeling elated and excited.

Sessions can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours based on your needs.


30 minutes $50
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $150

When I was going through my emotional/spiritual turmoil towards the end of the year in 2012, I acknowledged that I needed to start opening up and speak about my fears, issues and emotional chaos that I was feeling in order to properly deal with them. Shortly after, I met up with a friend that I have only met once before however, I felt really comfortable speaking to about some of my issues. He immediately suggested I speak to Durrick about what I needed to overcome; I then realized that in addressing my first step the Universe orchestrated all the perfect events leading me into seeking guidance from Durrick.

Our session was not what I had expected, it was pure, comfortable, respectful and all about Me. Not that I had set prior expectations towards this kind of interaction, given that I had never before met with a Spiritual Healer, but his energy was more of a warm welcoming one. I started off by being a little confused as to were to begin, there was so much to address that I was overwhelmed by my own thoughts, Durrick eased the way by asking general questions directed from the energy I was giving off, that made me instantly calm down and start picking were to begin. He helped me realize that I was not heard, by my own self as well as others, he gave me the opportunity to speak my mind and assisted me in realizing that I know more than I am willing to admit. He helped me comprehend the lack of trust I had in my own wisdom. Our session lasted 4 or 5 hours when it was only anticipated on being an hour. I had needed the biggest emotional release and I had not found someone comfortable enough to truly speak my mind with until that moment. What Durrick helped me realize is that I’ve been limiting myself of my own powers and not being able to express myself, which caused me to stew a very complex inner volcano. Instead of allowing my emotions to come up, I was suppressing them. Not only did that cause imbalances with my physical body, it also caused imbalances in my spiritual expansion.

Long story short; Durrick assisted me in bringing my issues and fears in to the light in order for me to let go however, with the understanding that letting go is not an over night achievement, but it was definitely a first step towards my progression of self trust and self love. I am still and forever a work-in-progress but he marked my life as a first big push in the right direction. Thank you Durrick for all your help and guidance; I am finally trusting myself and my own inner guidance and listening to it more clearly.”

Maysa Sydney, Australia