I watch some movies with awe and amazement at the spiritual content within them.   These movies tend to be the ones that are deemed science fantasy, or fictional.  Movies such as Avatar (Fox), the Matrix (Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures), The Sixth Sense (Spyglass Entertainment). Anyone that watches them can take their own message from these movies.  But the movies also shape the perception of mainstream media and society about the world of spirit and the way in which we interact with spirit.

To take a step further, movies like Cloud Atlas (ARDDegeto Film and X Filme) and John Carter of Mars (Disney) subtley bring aspects into our world by providing alternative perspectives of our existence.  Although deemed works of fiction, are they really?

What is some of the spiritual content of these movies?

Avatar teaches us about the interconnectedness of everything, the beauty of nature and the balance that must be maintained between nature and humanity.  After a kill, our ‘hero’ learns to offer thanks and gratitude for the sustenance that the life of this animal has offered to the Nav’i.  How our ‘hero’ learns to be quiet, observe and be at one with everything around him, and he does this by emptying his ‘cup’ of all the rules and beliefs we have about the world around us and how it should be.  This natural balance and co-existence contrasts strongly with the human desire for a rock in the ground at whatever expense, irrespective of what valuable lessons for humanity may be sitting right in front of us, humanity just takes what it wants with little perspective on the wonder right in front of us.

The Matrix! I am sure many people who have taken a journey on a more spiritual path can relate to the choosing of the red pill over the blue pill.  The blue pill to remain in ignorance, or the red pill to see the truth, although at times it is painful and uncomfortable.  The Journey that Neo (Keanu Reeves) goes on to find himself and his true purpose.  The belief that others have in Neo, even though he doubts himself, the prophecy of a new time.

The Sixth Sense, in which a boy sees spirit and awful happenings.  The boy lives in fear because of what he can see and does not wish to see.  The comfort he obtains once he understands his role and why spirit comes to him.  The mother who is unable to console or provide comfort and safety for her child.  The lack of understanding from the people around the boy.  This movie portrays well the modern dilemmas of someone who sees spirit.

Cloud Atlas, a film which clearly outlines the workings of past lives, and the interconnectedness of the people around us, and the roles they may have played in our existence.  I watched in awe as what is referred to as ‘soul groups’ moved through time and played different roles in each others lives during their existences.  But more importantly, it showed that each and everyone of us has the ability to be ‘bad’ in one lifetime yet be generous and loving in another.  This is true for all of us, we all have an aspect of the ‘dark’ and ‘light’ within each of us. When we deny who we truly are, we are denying who we are as souls and therefore not living our true existence.  This does not mean that we all have bad within us so we must let this out and do bad things.  It does mean that we all have a dark aspect within us, when we deny that this can exist within us, then we deny our full truth.  You can see a great example of acknowledging the balance of natural dualities within us of dark and light, hot and cold in the Yin-Yang symbol.

John Carter of Mars, a movie in which our ‘hero’ finds a link to another time and another planet to find more of who he is and a purpose he wants to follow.  On the Planet Mars our hero finds a race bent on consuming everything on the planet only to have set out connections to the next planet that they are investigating as a place to consume the resources leaving the planet dead to move onto the next.  The consumption of the resources sounds very similar to our own industrialized planet, where do we go when we are finished consuming everything here?! Do we go to another planet, well in reality we call that exploring space.

Many would say, these are just fairytales, they are not real, yet, anyone on a spiritual bent could draw some messages from these movies. Every good story has a moral of good versus bad, but these movies are also providing perspectives outside our normal thought patterns.  They are not merely a work of fiction, these works come from the mind and imagination of humans seeking greater understanding and following their passions.  These works are tools that are helping to transform a society by opening our eyes to new possibilities.  In my view an intellectual society is one in which you can present new ideas without judgement, without fear of ridicule.  Yet as a society we have such dominant rules and beliefs that are so ridgid, there is only one way the world can operate, my religion is correct and the only true religion, the education system  must teach these specific things, but at some point, we have to seek greater and better answers to move forward as a society.  This is where I believe movies, such as the ones described above, provide alternative perspectives and views to how humanity can move forward, if only we are open to letting down our barriers to where good information can come from.  Judging the source of a good idea seems counter intuitive to me. If it is a good idea and can help, why not run with it!?

My challenge, to those who see the movies as purley fictional with no relevance to their normal life, is for people to question themselves as to why the movies have no relevance. What are the people scared of acknowledging?  That they don’t know everything?  You will find this stance with many people who live in a world in which they know everything. If we are truly an intellectual society, we can see lessons and learnings in everything around us and in everything we do and see.

What are the benefits of them?

Besides the obvious entertainment value of these movies and often the visual spectacle that allows us to escape this reality for a moment, the movies do raise questions about our own lives.  How do we live now? Are our own views beleifs and morals complete? Do we need to adjust these beliefs and views?  The movies are presenting ideas and concepts that can subtley transform a society.  Simplistically it could be deemed a fancy bit of marketing for spiritual beliefs.  If we see these concepts and ‘stories’ enough, then we cannot help but be altered.   If anyone says this cannot happen from a movie, just look at the product placements in many modern movies, and the magnitude of reach from brands such as high profile beverage and fast food companies.  This concept exists otherwise the whole marketing industry would not exist.

As I have discussed earlier, there are many good things about these movies that challenge us.  Would I take the blue pill or the red pill, and why would I make that choice?  To stay blissfully unaware or to find the truth to help make the world a better place.

Am I living a life where I will seek out the items that only bring a dollar return to my life whilst ignoring every aspect of the wealth around me? The trees, the water, the cultures, how does my beliefs and culture influence the community and society in which I live.  Is my view of the world might is right?

Do I think that if I can see spirits, I will only see horrific scenes of torture and violence?

These movies are reaching massive audiences and as they do so, they are influencing the thoughts of generations.  Avatar has over 97m domestic ticket sales in the USA alone and $2.7bn worldwide revenues. The Matrix $1.6bn worldwide, The Sixth Sense $672m worldwide.  This is so many people seeing movies that in some way are affecting them.

The old paradigm of learning by being given a book and studying it until it becomes ingrained in our brain, and we then regurgitate the same material in exams to see how much we have learned, is becoming an old way of learning.  How much of an influence does a movie have? A movie like Avatar has generated the ability for people to see outright the conflict between industrialisation versus conservation and nature.

If I examine my education in a simplistic manner.  I got my education to move forward in life, to get a career, get that house, drive that car.  This is all very well.  But in order to get that, I must learn principles and regurgitate them in examinations. If I remember them well enough, I get high marks, and ultimately good jobs.  If however, I provide perspectives alternative to what the examiner wants or alternative to what is deemed correct, I fail.  All of a sudden my ability to succeed in this world following a traditional path is severly hampered.  Therefore, I follow the rules, accept what I am taught, then later in life start to examine what it is I had to believe in in order to gain the material gains of the industrialized world.  I was a good member of society! Movies provide a way to reach an audience that our education system is not!

What are the con’s of them?

The movies are fantastic and this is not a criticism of them.  The con’s that I am referring to are the perceptions that people pick up and that become gospel as to what various aspects of the unseen world, mean.  While providing an outlet for challenging and conceptual changes, if people are not aware of the world that is unseen, then anything presented to them in the form of a movie becomes a representation of that world.  Therefore perceptions can become the norm as people operate from a basis of limited information.  Similar to some historical movies such as Braveheart, there are inaccuracies that become what people who watch the movie start to deem as accurate.

Movies like the sixth sense, whilst a great movie, cause people who are not exposed to spirituality or seeing spirits, to build a fear in themselves of the darkness or scariness of spirit and ghosts that is often unfounded.  I have talked to many people who when discussing the ability to see spirit, are scared of what they might see.  They are scared of the torture and the torment that they may encounter, something may latch onto me!.  They begin to build an irrational fear. Of course, there are few places to go to to seek understanding and growth.  Ghosts and spirits are certainly not something the mainstream likes to talk about in public!

I have not yet had an experience where an entity, spirit or ghost has tried to ‘get me’.  When I talk to them in my own strength and understand what they want, they will often move to another place if I am not giving them what they want. I must be in my own strength and not be persuaded by their actions. That is a similar message we need in our everyday life, to live for who we are.

I once met a child who was so gifted with psychic and mediumship abilities.  However, the fantasy aspect of the movies and modern media were influencing this child to see ‘characters’ from movies around him and the associated fear aspect of them.  Once we had worked through what was being shown to him, he had a clearer understanding that not everything on television or in movies is true.   Spirit was showing a representation and he was seeing the fears that the movie had presented rather than the reality of the communication with the spirit in front of him. To put it simply, have a conversation with the spirit if you see them, understand what they want.

An example of the movies influecning mainstream perception of fantasy topics such as spirit etc is the popularity of vampire movies at present.  They are everywhere.  I personally am not a fan of these movies because they are not what I choose to watch. Yet I know so many people that are hooked on them.  That is good as they are drawn to what inspires them.   The challenge I have with this influence is when people become so preoccupied with being a vampire to feel those feelings of strength, power, intensity of passion and emotion,the limitations they must overcome, that they forget that this is all right in front of them, without the fangs, makeup, good looking bodies and dark places.  Our lives are full of these emotions, as long as we would look deeply enough within ourselves to feel the emotions and ‘movies’ being played out in our own lives.

We live this everyday, but we spend so much time looking at the external world waiting for it to change because it causes so much pain in our lives, that we completely ignore the necessary work of looking within to see what emotions are really flowing inside of us. Examining where those emotions come from, what has caused them.

The other aspect is that we can spend everyday losing ourselves in ‘movies’, that we push our own true growth away from us.  We choose to watch movie after movie to find movies that make us feel good.  I love movies, I have watched many of them, I have even lost myself in a world of the movies, experiencing the emotions of the hero and bringing them within me.  To feel that power, strength, confidence, and this is not a bad thing to do, to walk a mile in someone elses shoes.  But, what I see, is people losing themselves in these ‘movies’. We can lose ourselves in the ‘look’ of these stories. We create the look of a hero in our own life, without doing the work on the inside of ourselves to make ourselves our own hero. This is ok, but why not look and believe in the actor, or hero within ourselves.  See the strength we have, the uniqueness of our own soul, spirit and lives. Be proud of the uniqueness of our own story/movie.

There is nothing wrong with looking to others for guidance, role models, however, I believe our duty is to look inside and see that quality we see on screen in ourselves without doubt and fear.  If we all had $200m to make a movie with a hollywood director about our own lives, I am sure we would have many people wanting to be us, to be like you. So why do we not see that uniqueness in ourselves and actually become ourselves!?  We are our own hollywood stars!

How have the movies affected me?

The greatest life I have now, is seeing how I have overcome the same obstacles as the ‘hero’ in a movies. To find who I am, to find the emotions in myself that are generated through my own experience, to believe in myself and have the courage to move forward on a path that is uniquely mine.  The greatest thing I have learnt from all my movie watching and integrating this with spirit, is that I can make my own script, and by believing in myself, because I trust in spirit, I will get that movie that I always wanted to be in. It is my own movie, and I get to move forward confidently knowing that the script will be amazing, that I am having the courage to do what I want to do with my life. It is my movie, and I am the director and producer. I have the final say on everything.

Do I get to have the flashing lights, fancy costumes, fame?  No, but that is because I do not need it.  That need for the attention is because we are lost inside of ourselves and confuse attention with love.  That is not love, attention is a dillusion.

The movies allow me to explore my own views, my own life, how I hold judgements, how do I live my daily life and what are the assumptions I make everyday in order to carry out my life. It is a place for new ideas. It is a place of non-judgement in my own mind. It allows me to consider various morals, views, beliefs and concepts I would not be aware of nor be able to conceive of based on my own beliefs, values, morals, culture, education, environment.

I take aspects of people from movies and television that I admire and meld them into my own unique form. Often, media and gurus more succinctly state what we are trying to state. There is no reason to not admire this and use their words. But, just because they can articulate in words and motion concepts that we feel within ourselves, it does not meant they have any greater concept or feeling than what you do. They are merely people like you, trying to express their feelings, and they probably have people in their lives they wish to be like!

The reality of spirituality is that it is often far simpler than one imagines but far greater than one can comprehend. We seek answers from only the highest sources, ascended masters over Aunty Dorothy who has passed over, or even from the people around us.  Spirit speaks to us in everything around us.  We do not need to seek a hollywood block buster, or a world reknowned guru to teach us who we are. We merely need to connect with ourselves and make ourselves heard amongst the turmoil and chaos of our own minds and the world around us.

Judging movies because they are make believe, can limit our abilities to grow and learn.  If we look at everything as an opportunity to grow and learn more about ourselves, we have a wealth of knowledge right at our finger tips, all we have to do is open our eyes.   However, taking movies as gospel is not the answer. Take what works for you and don’t worry about what does not work for you. It all just is!

I thank all the people who make the movies as they allow us to explore and grow.  Obviously there will be movies that we are more drawn to than other movies. This is ok.  We choose which vibration we want to explore. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad. There are just choices. We get to choose how our life is every day.  How is your life?  Do you like your life?  Start seeking counsel, advice, concepts and perspectives in different places.

Do not get swallowed up in the grandiose and media filled version of spirituality, find your own way, seek out the true and real, it will be far more wonderous than any film. But it will not have the flashing lights, smoke and mirrors of the movies. Much of the fear and ridicule of spirituality comes from using superficial and often assumption based beleifs to draw conclusions.  Use movies as a start point, as they are often linked to some kind of truth or knowing.  But, find the true wonder in your own heart and your own connection through spirit.

If you want to explore your own “movie”, contact Open Healing, it would be a priviledge to explore your ‘movie’ with you!